EQual field trial reports

The EQual LIFE+ programme aims to promote the re-use and recycling of waste materials whilst protecting human health and the environment. Deriving value from waste materials by turning them back into safe, high quality products is an essential element in the move towards a more circular economy. Offering both economic and environmental benefits, if supported and regulated appropriately, waste-derived products improve business resource efficiency and competitiveness, reduce reliance on landfill, and help to conserve virgin raw materials. The Environment Agency is leading the programme with six partners, one of which is REA.

As part of the EQual programme, field trials for four waste derived materials were undertaken to improve understanding of the behaviour of these materials in the environment. The evidence base obtained from the trials will support the appropriate use of these materials in place of non-waste materials. Two of the field trials focus on the construction industry (pulverised fuel ash and incinerator bottom ash aggregate), and two on agricultural use (poultry litter ash and paper sludge).

EQual Paper sludge field trials - technical report and summary report

EQual Poultry litter ash field trials - technical report

The PFA and IBAA technical reports can be downloaded using the links  below – after entering your name and email address when prompted.

Pulverised Fuel Ash field trial technical report: HERE

Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate field trial technical report: HERE

Published: 19/08/15

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