Certification Services

Renewable Energy Assurance Limited operates a Compost Certification Scheme and, in partnership with DIN CERTCO and AIB-Vincotte, provides certification scheme services for Compostable Packaging and Home Compostable Packaging. This website section provides details about these certification schemes. 
In January 2013, the Association for Organics Recycling became the Organics Recycling Group within the Renewable Energy Association.  AfOR's Compost Certification Scheme and the partnership certification services it provided are now operated by Renewable Energy Assurance Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the REA. 
Compost Certification Scheme
This certification scheme assesses and certifies compost compliance with PAS 100 only or with 'PAS 100 and the Compost Quality Protocol'.

Compostable Packaging
"EN 13432 ~ Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation. Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging".

'Home Compostable' Certification
Requirements for packaging and products recoverable through home composting.

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