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Kent waste company fined after worker loses arm

Kent waste company fined after worker loses arm

A waste and recycling company has been fined £10,000 for safety failings after a worker lost most of his arm on an unguarded conveyor system at a site in Kent.

Workers Exposure to Dust & Endotoxins at Composting Sites Case Study

This research characteries compost workers’ exposure to dust, endotoxin and ?-(1–3) glucan during various operational practices and investigate whether dust concentrations are a useful indicator of endotoxin exposure in compost workers.

The study used 88 ambient air tests and 117 personal air tests. Results showed that there was an increased exposure to endotoxins even when dust levels were within legal limits. The research noted a significant correlation between dust levels and personal endotoxin concentrations and indicated personal inhalable dust levels may be a predictor of endotoxin concentrations.
Press releases of Health and Safety issues and prosecutions

Press releases of Health and Safety issues and prosecutions

Although there are numerous examples of good practice in the waste industry there will always be accidents.

Cumbria County Council and Shanks Waste Management case study

Cumbria County Council is the Waste Disposal Authority with responsibility for managing disposal of all of the municipal waste created in Cumbria.
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