'Compostable' Packaging and Plastic items
A packaging item compliant with the 'compostability' criteria set in BS EN 13432 is 'compostable'.  Similarly, a plastic item compliant with the 'compostability' criteria set in BS EN 14995 is 'compostable'.
For many standards, including BS EN 13432, independent certification bodies offer product assessment and certification services. In the UK, Renwable Energy Assurance Limited operates such a scheme in partnership with the German certification body DIN CERTCO. This scheme is aligned to the requirements of BS EN 13432.
Packaging items certified to BS EN 13432 and plastic items certified to BS EN 14995 are acceptable inputs to those commercial composting systems with appropriate waste codes in their permits, licences or registered exemptions. 
Those composters who produce compost certified compliant with the PAS 100 specification for composted materials (and the Compost Quality Protocol where applicable) can only accept packaging items if they are independently certified compliant with BS EN 13432, and can only accept plastic items if they are independently certified compliant with BS EN 14995.
In order to gain 'compostable' certification for a packaging or plastic item, comprehensive documentary evidence and product test results are essential.
For more information about the certification scheme for 'compostable' packaging and plastic items please call Gordon Thompson on 07584 253733 or email
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