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EA concern for health and safety of staff on AD sites

EA concern for health and safety of staff on AD sites

The REA has recently been notified by the Environment Agency that they are assessing AD permit applications with greater rigour and scrutiny than has been the case in the past in light of the number of containment failures that have occurred at AD facilities.
Compost Workers Health Survey

Compost Workers Health Survey

The Organics Recycling Group has been asked to help with medical research into the health of workers on compost sites. We would be grateful if all members could please read this information and contact research team regarding this study.
Tool Box Talk on Protection Against Toxin Containing Plants

Tool Box Talk on Protection Against Toxin Containing Plants

The dangers from the handling of toxin containing plants is very real for the compost operative.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work regulations details what equipment should be used by an individual whos at work operations pose a potential risk. 

Site Visitor Safety

Visitors to sites should be informed of potential dangers and risks associated with being at that facility.  Their working environment should be as safe as the regular employees of the site. 

Health and Safety training

Training for health and safety in the work place is a vital step that each person should be undertaking.  There are a few simple steps which outline areas that the training should be focusing on.

Workplace transport safety

Serious injury from transport related accidents are a common occurence in the work place.  Futher to this, transport related damage can be a costly mistake to any company. 

High-Visibility Clothing

Used alongside other safety measures high vis clothing can be invaluable when working on a site.  Being able to spot persons infront of any background is vital to avoid accidents. 
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