Fire Prevention Plans - Supplementary survey

Thank you to those members who previously responded to the EA's request for information in relation to their Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) guidance and the impact assessment they are conducting. They are now seeking some supplementary information to allow them to complete the cost-benefit analysis in relation to the changes they have made to their Fire Prevention Plans guidance.  

The further information the EA are asking for as part of this survey is needed to finalise their calculations; they will not need any further information after this survey. Once received, the economists supporting the EA with this exercise will check the data and calculations, before they then send their final report to the Regulatory Policy Committee. They expect this to be completed in October.    

We are aware that some members responded for a number of sites and the EA would be most useful you could do that again, answering the questions for each site separately, not grouping them together. It would be very difficult for them to work out the costs on a site by site basis otherwise. Please note, this survey has been sent direct to those 56 who responded to the original survey, so if one of those receives this email too, they can disregard it and only need to complete the survey once.

Survey is available here.  

This survey closes on the 21 September 2016, please could you return your completed surveys to


Published: 9/9/16

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