Latest update: BREF Key Environmental Indicators for AD and Composting

The Biological Treatment Sub Group  have proposed Key Environmental Indicators for Composting and AD to inform the review of the Waste Treatment BREF. The revision of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) reference document on waste treatment (known as the BREF) is ongoing. This is an EU wide document and once released, the environmental regulators (EA, SEPA, NRW, NIEA) will be enforcing the BAT conclusions set out in the new Waste Treatment BREF. 

There is a need to focus on the key environmental issues (KEIs) for each sector in order to derive BAT conclusions related to the main environmental impacts of the sector. Both these documents will be delivered to the JRC Bureau to assist with setting of meaningful EU BAT (if possible) for KEIs.  

For AD the final draft of the key environmental issues is HERE.

For composting, the document includes associated emission limits (AEL) on identified key environmental issues. Full details HERE.
ORG has questioned what data the suggested the AELs are based on and has recommended that no AELs are set until robust, EU-wide data indicates the levels and we have had sufficient time to consult our members. 

Development of WT BREF review:

The WT BREF review team is currently drafting D1, taking into account the subgroup documents and exchanges and the revised questionnaires posted onto BATIS, including the documents posted by the PCT sub-group in September following the workshop held in June. 
The WT BREF review team met a delegation of EERA ( European Electronics Recyclers Association ) on 15.09.2015 and made a presentation about the Sevilla process and the review of the WT BREF.
The next step is now the finalisation of the WT BREF Draft 1 which is expected to be shared with the Technical Working Group at the end of the 4th quarter 2015.

Details of previous updates on the BREF review can be read by clicking here.

Published: 14/10/2015.

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