10/04/2013 WRAP consultation on the recommendations from three projects procured to examine critical aspects of PAS110
During December 2011 a series of workshops were hosted by WRAP, the Environment Agency and SEPA to obtain feedback on PAS110:2010, the AD Quality Protocol and the Additional Scheme Rules for Scotland (ASRS). A further workshop to discuss PAS110 and the ADQP was hosted by NIEA in Belfast during July 2012.
As a result of these workshops WRAP procured projects to examine the three aspects of PAS110 that had attracted most feedback from the AD industry:
1. The digestate stability (RBP) test (see report HERE)
2. The near universal pasteurisation requirement (see report 1 HERE and report 2 HERE).
3. The PTE (Potentially Toxic Element) limits (see report HERE).
These three projects are now complete, and each project report includes a number of recommendations that (if adopted) could see changes made to PAS110.
During April 2013 WRAP sought feedback from the UK AD industry on these recommendations and a number of other aspects of the PAS. This feedback has been forwarded in to the BSI-convened Steering Group that oversees the formal review of the specification.
The consultation questions can be found HERE.
Please note that this was not a consultation on a revised PAS110, but on the recommendations from three technical projects that will inform subsequent re-drafting of PAS110.
REA collated comments / responses from its members and submitted the following response:
Last update: 04/07/2013
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