AfOR releases its protocol to measure physical contaminants in biowastes
AfOR has been working with the industry to develop a methodology to measure the levels of physical contaminants in the biowastes delivered to biowaste treatment facilities.
The methodology has now been released and can be downloaded here:

AfOR’s protocol to measure physical contaminants in biowastes

Annex A Biowaste assessment report template
Annex B Contamination chart example

The aim of this document is to provide operators with a methodology to measure the levels and the types of physical contaminants in delivered loads of biowastes. This will enable operators to:

1. Ascertain and monitor contamination levels in loads of biowaste delivered to organics recycling facilities.
2. Obtain evidence to support the specification or revision of maximum acceptance criteria in contractual arrangements with suppliers.
3. Check compliance with the acceptance criteria specified within existing contractual arrangements.
4. Provide biowaste suppliers with feedback on specific collection rounds that are routinely causing issues with respect to contamination. And
5. Justify the implementation of a differential pricing mechanism based on the results of the assessment carried out.

We would like to thank our members, Agrivert, TEG Environmental and Novamont, who have been working with us to trial and finalise this methodology.

We are also greatfull to Consorzio Italiano Compostatori (CIC), that kindly provided the italian methodology and useful feedback on the CIC's approach to tackle physical contaminants.

For further information, please contact Kiara (07717294793,
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May 25
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