Registered Materials, Intermediates & Additives, & Certified Products

The following links direct you to Din Certco and Vincotte lists of registered (approved) materials, intermediates, additives. They also include certified 'finished products'. Specific information on the allowed max thickness, type designation, dimensions and contact details are displayed.

Din Certco - please click on the following link  Type subdivisions are displayed, click and follow to the desired packaging item.

Vincotte - Please click on the following link

Contained in the PDF are titled descriptions of each listed item e.g. from a raw material to a finished product.
If you are unsure about the certification status of a product (e.g. liners) sold by an UK retailer, please use Din Certco's search engine or Vincotte's approved product list (links above). If you are still unsure, please contact the company that holds the certificate and check if the specific product has been sold to the relevant UK retailer.
Key terms used in Din Certco's web pages:
Kompostierbare = compostable
Abfallsäcke = Garbage bags
Gartensäcke = Garden waste bags
Hundekotbeutel = Dog waste bags
Länge - lenght
Breite = width


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