Launch of Quality Protocols in Northern Ireland

As part of it�s Better Regulation Programme, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) has joined forces with the Environment Agency in England and Wales and WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) to develop guidelines for business on recovering value from waste materials.

Three Waste Quality Protocols are being launched in Northern Ireland today, outlining the steps industry must take in order to fully recover specific waste materials and turn them into marketable products:

  • Production and use of quality compost from source-segregated biodegradable waste
  • Production and use of quality outputs from anaerobic digestion of source-segregated biodegradable waste
  • Production and use of processed fuel oil from waste lubricating oils

The benefits of Quality Protocols are numerous. Firstly, compliance with the Protocol removes the �waste� tag from certain materials, thus reducing the regulatory costs associated with waste legislation and the significant costs of disposal. Secondly, the Quality Protocol guarantee helps secure markets for valuable recycled materials. Finally, these Protocols will help to drive greater efficiency in the recovering Northern Ireland economy with the diversion of valuable resources away from landfill and towards the production of valuable and useful products.

Minister for the Environment, Edwin Poots MLA, said: "This is a positive step for our environment and economy. We need modern and effective regulation which supports and acknowledges good practice and efficiency, providing new opportunities for Northern Ireland companies. I welcome these new guidelines and their demonstration of the value of the regulator and industry working in partnership. Managing waste in this modern, simple and effective way is essential to bolster economic growth and sustainability, whilst also protecting the environment in a way that businesses and the public understand, respect and trust.�

Dr Ian Garner, WRAP�s Northern Ireland Manager said: "Quality Protocols offer significant environmental and economic benefits. QP compliance reduces the burden of waste for business, while opening up new revenue streams. We are delighted that NIEA and the Environment Minister have instigated the use of these QPs in Northern Ireland, and certain that the economy and environment will benefit as a result.�

Over a ten year period, it is estimated that the first 12 Protocols in place in the UK will deliver cost savings to business in the order of £700million, increased sales to business by £330million, 14 million tonnes of savings in virgin raw materials, as well as save two million tonnes of carbon.

Three further Quality Protocols will be published later in the year: biodiesel; tyre crumb; and gypsum from waste plasterboard.

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Jun 17
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