Scotland's Food Waste Action Plan

The Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland have unveiled plans to help reduce Scotland’s food waste by one third by 2025 - that's 297,000 tonnes of food waste a year - with the new Food Waste Reduction Action Plan (FWRAP).

The Action Plan sets out how Scotland plans to: reduce unnecessary demand for food; improve how we produce, store and cook food so that we waste less; increase food recycling rates and; make better use of food waste as an organic resource. By tackling issues at every level in the food waste hierarchy, Scotland plans to meet its ambitious target to reduce its food waste by one third by 2025. 

The plan focuses on achieving this reduction by working across 4 areas:

1.    Improved monitoring and infrastructure

2.    Sector Leadership

3.    Public engagement and communications

4.    Supporting delivery of a new approach to food waste

This plan is designed to engage with every part of the food supply chain and waste hierarchy. It will make the targeted 33% reduction possible by engaging with the producers, suppliers and consumers of food. It will reduce unnecessary demand and avoidable waste and optimise how we use organic resources. It will support technical and business innovation. It will help to make food waste unacceptable in Scotland. 

Posted 15/05/19

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