Information on digestate storage and spreading

A reminder that last year there were two documents published that affect digestate spreading and storage. These are the Farming Rules for Water and the Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Reducing Ammonia Emissions.

Farming Rules for Water
These detail what must be done to manage manure, fertiliser and soil to prevent runoff, erosion and leaching. We have put together a briefing note on the requirements. You can access it here. The full rules can be found here. 

They apply to using and storing organic manure (such as composts and digestates) as well as manufactured fertiliser. Many of the requirements used to be within Codes of Good Agricultural Practice (CoGAP) and they are now mandatory and regulated and so formalise good practice.  The principles of good nutrient management planning (as described in documents like RB209) are now to be followed when using organic manures. This means that spreading of materials must only be when there is a nutrient requirement that can be demonstrated. This may result in a restricted spreading window for some crops and more storage is likely to be required to accommodate this.

Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Reducing Ammonia Emissions

The CoGAP for reducing ammonia emissions is a guidance document which explains how farmers, growers, land managers, advisors and contractors can minimise ammonia emissions from agriculture by making changes to organic manure storage and application (along with the application of manufactured fertiliser, and modifications to livestock diet and housing). You can access it here

The guide details how organic manures should be stored and covered and contains information about the different types of covers you could use for storing liquid digestates.

For more information please contact Jenny.

Published 30/04/19.

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