EA issue a derogation to Compost Quality Protocol

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued a derogation to the Appendix B list of acceptable wastes in the Compost Quality Protocol. This derogation enables waste types with EWC codes 19 05 01 and 19 05 02 to be included as acceptable inputs for the production of Quality Protocol (QP) certified compost. 

EWC 19 05 01 - Wastes produced from the aerobic treatment of solid wastes with the descriptions 'non-composted fraction of municipal and similar wastes' 

EWC 19 05 02 -  Wastes produced from the aerobic treatment of solid wastes with the descriptions 'non-composted fraction of animal and vegetable waste'

This derogation is supported by REAL CCS and all certified producers can now accept these wastes as permissible feedstocks to their composting processes.

There are some additional requirements that also must be met that include: wastes only acceptable if they are derived from aerobic treatment of input types allowed by the CQP; movement of material only allowed between two sites where both sites are owned and operated by the same company; critical control points and SOPs to be updated; and animal health approval required where relevant. The derogation doesn't remove the requirement to have the appropriate permit in place listing the relevant EWCs or remove the requirements for full duty of care relating to the acceptance, storage, treatment, transfer or use of waste. Operators should apply to amend permits that no longer meet their operational requirements.

Full details can be found here. It is worth noting that the derogation will be kept under review. If at any time intelligence suggests the position is being abused or is giving rise to complaint or pollution, the Agency will remove it without notice. 

The waste codes will be considered for inclusion in any future review of the Compost QP though this doesn't guarantee that the code will be agreed in future versions of the QP. The operator uses this derogation at their own risk and the Environment Agency recommends that business decisions and operations are not based on the presence of the derogation as it may be removed.

Posted 20/02/19

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