Quality Meat Scotland rules on using compost as cattle bedding

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) have released an addendum to their Cattle and Sheep standard which allows certified PAS100 green waste derived compost to be used as animal bedding. This position follows extensive consultation and careful consideration by QMS and comes into effect immediately. It is intended to help QMS members located in areas where sourcing bedding materials is particularly challenging.

Full details can be found in QMS's scheme addendum here.

Composters need to check that they can meet all the conditions in the scheme before supplying compost to this market.

Composted green waste can be used as a bedding material, provided the following conditions are met.
  • In must not contain food waste or animal by-products
  • It must be certified by the Compost Certification Scheme to PAS100:2018.
  • It must meet the additional QMS requirements for physical contaminants i.e. the quantity of physical contaminants must not exceed half that permitted by PAS100.
  • Provide evidence to customer on: statement of inputs (i.e. no ABP/ food waste), certified source (i.e. PAS100 dispatch note), compliance with physical contaminants requirements (i.e. laboratory analysis)

There are additional requirements for the farmer, including considering any potential risks to animal health and welfare.

Posted: 10/12/18

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