Forthcoming consultation on Standard Permits

The Environment Agency have recently conducted a review of standard permits used by operators of biowaste treatment facilities. The review was prompted by a number of factors such as a need to implement the Medium Combustion Plant Directive, domestic legislation for specified generators, a recent operator compliance audit, and a number of incidents that have resulted in environmental harm.  


The EA have determined that some permits are not sufficiently protective of human health and the environment and need to be amended to improve environmental performance and reduce the risk of pollution incidents.  They therefore intend to conduct a two stage consultation to bring about these amendments. The first stage, to be published in the Spring 2018, will consist of proposals which implement the Medium Combustion Plant Directive and a call for evidence on other suggested amendments. The EA will use the responses to present a full revision of their permit conditions in the Autumn 2018, when they will give opportunity for a further full consolation on any proposed changes.

We will notify members as soon as the consultations are released, both through email newsletters and on our website. If you wish to discuss further, please contact Jeremy.


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