Waste Treatment BREF - June 2017 Update

Please see here for previous updates.

Following the Final technical working group meeting held in March, the Bureau have now released the pre-final version of the BAT conclusions, an explanatory note and the BRef itself (This will be the first time we have seen how our comments on draft 1 have been dealt with).

The explanatory note details the changes made to the draft BAT conclusions since the Final Meeting and details the EIPPCB assessment on the comments made on the BAT conclusions not discussed at the Final meeting. It includes also the EIPPCB assessment on the additional BAT conclusions proposed by some TWG members at the Final Meeting (so called BAT26bis, BAT52bis and BAT52ter).

The Bureau has invited feedback on the pre-final draft.  The comments should focus on the changes made to the revised BREF as a result of the final TWG meeting's conclusions and as a result of the full assessment of the comments received on D1 and the updated versions provided for the final meeting. REA will be providing feedback to the EA as part of the UK response and as such comments are needed by 4th July at the latest. Please use this excel spreadsheet to record your comments and send to Jenny or contact her directly. 

The WT BREF review process is approaching its end. The Final Draft will be presented to the IED Article 13 forum towards the end of the year.

Please contact Jenny if you require any further information.

Published: 28/06/2017

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