SEPA consultation on the use of gypsum to improve soil conditions

This consultation is now closed. 

SEPA is planning to provide new guidance on the use of gypsum on land, but wishes to consult first to understand the impacts on business.
SEPA published an end of waste Policy Position for Gypsum from Waste Plasterboard in 2010[1]. If processed gypsum has been fully recovered in compliance with the SEPA Policy Position, the subsequent movement and use in plasterboard manufacturing, cement manufacturing, or as a soil conditioner is not be subject to the requirements of waste legislation. Recovered gypsum which does not meet the full terms of the SEPA position is still regarded as waste.

On the basis of advice from their soil science advisors SEPA is now considering adopting a further position which could impact on the use of recovered waste gypsum as a soil conditioner. A link to a copy of the draft position is included for your information. The purpose of the proposed guidance is to summarise the risks from using gypsum on land and outline the controls in place for the use of waste and non-waste gypsum. In essence the proposed guidance states that gypsum may be applied to land to provide nutrients to the soil at low levels but it should not be mixed with other organic material, such as manures, slurries or sewage sludge, due to the high risk of generating odour.

It is SEPA’s intention to introduce this guidance as soon as possible. However they are seeking your views on the potential impact of this on Scottish businesses.

Full details HERE.

Deadline for responses is 7th July. REA are considering a response, please forward any comments to Jenny by 30th June.

REA submitted a response, you can see a copy of it here. Thanks to all members who contributed.

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