EA update position on Fire Prevention plans for Biowaste treatment facilities

The EA have released a revision on their position for Fire Prevention Plans (FPP) for biowaste treatment facilities. The guidance is available here. The amendments come in two categories. The first is a long overdue update to reflect any changes that came in after the guidance was updated last July. The second is to point out that although the windrows at compost sites aren’t included in the stack sizes calculations for the site, operators still need to take into account that they will need a certain amount of liquid to maintain moisture levels, and that this should be taken in to account when doing water calculations for the rest of the site.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact Jeremy.

WISH have a comprehensive guidance document on Reducing fire risk at waste management sitesThe aim of this guidance is to provide waste management operators with the guidance, information and standards to allow them to:

  • ?Reduce the likelihood and frequency of fires occurring on solid waste handling sites
  • Where fires do occur, to reduce the potential health and environmental impacts 

Published: 6/3/17

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