Waste Treatment BREF - emissions to air and water

The review of the Waste Treatment Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BREF) is ongoing. 

In the draft document there were set out some associated emission levels (AELs) for emissions to air and waste from biological treatment. The IPPC Bureau are holding a webinar for the technical working group (of which ORG are members) to discuss these and have released the data that were used to derive the AELs. There is a large amount of data but after analysis it is not clear how the AELs were derived and the Bureau haven't provided any background detail so we do not know what data has been questioned and subsequently ruled out (i.e. mistakes in the recording, or results not representative of usual operations).

This week ORG met with the EA and other trade bodies to discuss the emission levels for emissions to air and water from biological treatment and to prepare our input into the webinar. We have put together a summary of the proposed requirements and will be participating in the webinar on 20th September. 

If you have any feedback on the AELs or on the data, please send to Jenny before 20th September.

Moving forward we expect to see draft 2 or a final draft of the BREF towards the end of this year.

Published: 9/9/16
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