June 2016 update on progress with Waste Treatment BREF review

The Joint Research Council (JRC) of the European Commission have issued an update on progress with the Waste Treatment BREF review.

1. Assessment of comments on D1 

The total number of comments received was 3413.  They are progressing in their review of the comments and so far, 1663 comments (48%) have been processed. 

In parallel with the assessment of the comments, they have also started to draft the Background Paper which will support the discussion in the Final Technical Working Group (TWG) Meeting.

2.       Next milestones 

Considering the comments which are still to be assessed, they envisage at the moment to hold the Final TWG Meeting in the first Quarter of 2017. Of course, this is still tentative and will be confirmed at a later stage, considering also that the preparation and outcome of the webinars (see point 3 below) may influence the date of the Final TWG Meeting.

3.       Webinars

In view of the German proposal for a data workshop, supported by the UK and others, the Bureau are proposing a series of webinars to consolidate and share understanding of available data.  This is in addition to normal process and may delay the review timetable.

The purpose of the webinars is not to address the BAT-AELs or how they are derived.  This will be set out in the background paper and the Final TWG Meeting.

The Bureau will make available prior to the webinars a set of data which incorporates the information received in the comments to Draft 1 – this will be for comment by the TWGs and where appropriate, correction.

Further updates will be made when possible.

Published: 27/06/16

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