Food waste recycling action plan

The Food Waste Recycling Action Plan (FWRAP), a new action plan for food waste recycling, initiated by WRAP, is bringing industry stakeholders and local authorities together for the first time to develop an action plan that:
  • Helps food waste collectors to maximise the amount of food waste they collect; and
  • Secures the supply of food waste as a key feedstock to the AD and IVC sectors.

The action plan is being established to increase both the supply and quality of household and commercial food waste to the food waste recycling industry. Building on work carried out by WRAP within the 2014/15 Resource Management Programme, the plan will develop and deliver practical, industry led actions that help operators of food waste treatment plants secure the future growth of feedstock. At the same time it will enable food waste collectors to maximise the amount of food waste collected so that collections can be delivered as cost effectively as possible.

A Steering Group, including the REA, oversees the development, adoption and subsequent delivery of the plan. Membership of the Steering Group will comprise of representatives from the food waste treatment industry, as well as local authority food and private sector waste collectors and industry bodies. The first meeting of the Steering Group was held on 6th October.  This is currently an England-only project funded by Defra. The action plan is due to be published by the end of March 2016. 

WRAP is responsible for the management of the Steering Group through a  Secretariat. For more information, please read here.  Food waste quality issues are being examined with emphasis being placed on reviewing a number of barriers including, household behaviour, economic constraints and understanding the benefits of
quality improvement.

Published: 17/12/15
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