New study shows leaves pose low risk in compost

Lets Recycle reports that a large study undertaken by the Surrey Waste Partnership, on behalf of the local councils has looked at the risk of composting street swept leaves. The study was launched in response to the Environment Agency ruling that prohibited leaves collect from road sweepings being used to produce PAS100 compost. 

As part of the study they collected a large number of samples of leaves and had them analysed. They found the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)  were only above the recommended limit in one of the 155 samples. A subsequent risk assessment concluded that  "overall there is a low risk to human health from leaves collected from Surrey’s roads if they are used as a compost provided they are first screened for physical contaminants and routinely monitored and chemically assessed to ensure that batches that contain high concentrations of BaP (Benzo[a]pyrene), for example, are not included in the final compost output”.

For full details, please see the Let's Recycle story.

Published: 27/08/15

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