Anaerobic Indigestion – Is The Growing AD Sector Heading For Heartburn?

The AD sector risks starvation by 2018 at the current rate of expansion, according to a new report by Link2Energy Ltd.  The report, "Anaerobic Indigestion”, assesses the overall market capacity of the AD and IVC sectors with specific focus on Defra-licenced facilities seeking food waste versus the plausible amount of available food waste. 

There is evidence that the current combined processing capacity of around five million tonnes is matched by the amount of available food waste.  However, with Defra-sponsored reports talking of a "fourfold increase in capacity” of AD by 2017 and clear evidence of multi-facility AD chains planning ongoing expansion, the sustainability of a sector which itself is marketed on principles of sustainability looks questionable.

Presenting AD / IVC capacity for each of the different UK regions, the report identifies possible ways to stave off calamity through a more reasoned, analytical approach.

REA members are able to purchase this report at a discounted price of only £199 + VAT, a 20% saving on the standard rate.  For further details, contact

Published: 19/08/15

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