EA provisional performance data shows improvement

As part  of the EA’s reporting mechanism across all sectors of the waste industry, annual performance data relating to category 1(major impact) and category 2(significant impact) pollution incidents are reported with a more detailed drill down on the biowaste sector.

This reporting data will always be at least one year old, so the most recent data referred to is for the year 2014, it should be noted also that this data is referred to as being provisional so there may be some slight amendments once all the details have been ratified.

In summary, 2014 was a much better year for the sector with a marked fall off in significant incidences (Cat 1 or Cat 2 events) particularly noticeable within the AD sector with the number falling from 14 to 9 within the year. It should also be noted that the number of permits issued within the biowaste sector grew by about 8% with the majority of these being permits for AD sites.

Composting had the highest number of sites falling into band D, E and F with 1.6% of biowaste sites achieving this accolade compared to 0.6%  across all the other waste sectors. Odour nuisance far outstrips all other complaints within the sector, however the good news was that the number of serious pollution events per 100 permits fell from 8.1 to 5.7, a whopping 42%.

A full copy of the statistics on environmental performance, pollution incidents and illegal wastereport can be seen here, with the detailed drill down for the biowaste treatment sector here.

Published: 05/08/15

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