House of Lords proposal on food waste

The 16 Chairpersons of committees of national parliaments of the European Union, have made a proposal to the European Commission regarding food waste. Their aim is to invite the Commission, when tabling a new circular economy package, to adopt a strategic approach to the reduction of food waste within the EU. This proposal was initiated by the United Kingdom House of Lords. 

They call on the European Commission, when tabling a new circular economy package, to adopt a strategic approach to food-waste reduction, including the
following five elements:
  1. EU Food Donation Guidelines for food donors and food banks. In line with the waste hierarchy, unsold food should – in the first instance – be redistributed for charitable purposes. Guidelines, which would take into account the work of the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived, might cover compliance with relevant hygiene and labelling legislation and cooperation between Member States, businesses and charities in order to identify and deliver food re-distribution initiatives;
  2. An EU co-ordination mechanism to support the sharing of best practice between Member States on food waste prevention, reduction and management strategies, including research and innovation, promoting high value use of food waste and practical ways to encourage consumers and industry to prevent and reduce food waste;
  3. European Commission monitoring of the business-to-business crossborder food supply chain, following the welcome establishment of the cross-sector Supply Chain Initiative,3 with the objectives of avoiding unfair practices that lead to the wastage of food and of encouraging an integrated approach throughout the supply chain to prevent and reduce food waste;
  4. A European Commission Recommendation on the definition of food waste and on data collection, building on the work of the EU-wide project, FUSIONS (Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies) in the area of definitions in particular; and
  5. Establishment of a horizontal working group within the Commission  to assess the consideration of food waste within policy making across the Commission. 

For full details please see the letter HERE.

Published: 04/08/15
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