ORG Accident and Incident Returns Quarter 1:  2015

We received 19 returns, nine (47%) of these reported no accidents or incidents on site in the survey period.  The remaining 10 (50%) returns reported showed a total of 53 accidents and incidents two of which were reportable under RIDDOR. Six dangerous occurrences (as defined by RIDDOR) were reported.  The total number of employees covered by this survey was 694.

The results of this survey show that the highest number of accidents involved slips, trips & fall in the composting sectors with a total of 13 (24.5%) accidents reported. 

Whilst the number of responses to these surveys is growing we continue to encourage all ORG & biogas sector group members to participate in future surveys, the greater the number of responses the more accurately these surveys will reflect the organic waste industry.   Anyone interested in in participating in future surveys should contact Gordon Thompson ( Tel 07584 253 733).

Table 1: Number of Accidents & Incidents Reported Against Activities                                      

Table 2: Number of Reported Occurrences Attributed to Causal Factors

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May 25
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