Report from Committee on Climate Change: Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change

This is the Committee’s first report to the new Parliament and the first report under sections 36 and 59 of the Climate Change Act, covering both progress towards meeting carbon budgets and progress on adaptation to climate change. It calls for early action in the new Parliament  to keep the UK’s emissions reductions on track and to adapt to climate change.

The report highlights the need to preserve and enhance the country’s natural capital, in order to sustain agriculture productivity in a changing climate, maximise carbon sequestration, and safeguard the economic and amenity benefits the natural environment provides. It calls for the Government to announce firm measures to preserve the fertility and organic content of important agricultural soils to achieve the stated goal for all soils to be sustainably managed by 2030. 

Full report can be found HERE.

ORG have written to the Defra and the Government Minister Rory Stewart to highlight the important role that compost and digestate can play in contribution to achieving the aims outlined in the report. 

Published: 02/07/15

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