Vegware host roundtable discussion on Scottish Waste Regulations - One year on

We took part in Vegware’s Roundtable discussion on the Scottish Waste Regs – One Year On, which gathered the Scottish resources sector to evaluate Scotland’s progress towards its ambitious zero waste targets.

Overall, it’s good news for Scotland.
  • Businesses recycling correctly should see savings.
  • Compliance is generally high apart from harder-to-reach small takeaway businesses.
  • The waste sector called for more enforcement, and SEPA is responding with positive reinforcement and fines possibly on their way.
  • Although contamination is currently an issue, education was agreed to be the key to improving quality.
  • The 5kg/week threshold in 2016 will see thousands more businesses introducing food waste recycling.

With Scotland leading the way to zero waste, and Northern Ireland and Wales introducing similar legislation, when will England follow suit?

They also have published an article in LAWR magazine

Watch the full findings film or a 90-second animation version.

Published: 26/06/15
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