The Compost Certification Scheme appoints independent auditors to assess labs

REAL have announced that they have appointed Heriot-Watt University to carry out independent audits to check CCS Appointed Laboratories’ conformance with their Terms and Conditions.

REAL report that they received a number of tenders which were assessed and discussed by a selection panel over the course of a number of evaluation meetings. Two of the proposals they received were rated as exceptionally good. After a difficult process they are confident that they have appointed the right organisation to carry out the task in hand.  

REAL would like to congratulate Heriot-Watt University (HWU) team for winning the contract! The independent auditor team will be led by Dr Thomas Aspray at HWU and will also include specialists from Scottish Water.

The Compost Certification Scheme look forward to working with Thomas and his team to ensure the highest performance of CCS Appointed Laboratories.

For more information please contact Justyna.

Published 29/05/15

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