Report on Exposures and Health Outcomes in Relation to Bio-aerosol Emissions From Composting Facilities

There has been a paper published that reviews studies related to bio-aerosol exposures within and near composting facilities and associated health effects in both community and occupational health settings. This was published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health.

There were a large number of papers reviewed as part of the study and whilst exposure information was limited, it was found that bioaerosol concentrations were highest on-site during agitation activities (turning, shredding, and screening). The evidence base on health effects of bioaerosol emissions from composting facilities is still limited, although there is sufficient evidence to support a precautionary approach for regulatory purposes. While data to date are suggestive of possible respiratory effects, further study is needed to confirm this and to explore other health outcomes.

To download the full report click HERE

Updated: 22/04/15

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