Latest update on the WT BREF review

Just before Christmas the EIPPC Bureau (JRC-IPTS) sent us the latest update on the review of the WT BREF. To read the previous update, please go HERE

Data collation (questionnaires)

The data collection is now over. The JRC is now assessing the data with the intention of drawing conclusions of what represent BAT and the BAT-AELs. The methodology that will be used to assess the data and draw BAT conclusions is unfortunately unknown at the moment.  

BREF Structure

 The JRC is currently drafting the working document containing the BREF structure (based on the data collected through the filled-in questionnaire). This will be sent to the members of the Technical Working Group over the next few weeks.  

Drafting first draft (D1)

The WT BREF authors' team is currently drafting the WT BREF first draft (D1) by using the assessed data from the filled-in questionnaires. The first draft of the WT BREF will be shared with the Technical Working Group during the third quarter 2015. Since REA is part of the TWG, the draft will be shared with and feedback will be sought on this from REA's members.

For further information, please contact Kiara ( 

Last update: 09/01/2015
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