Update on Seveso Directive and digestates

Over the past months REA and other industry representatives has been seeking clarification from the HSE and the Commission on whether Seveso III Directive, coming into force in the UK in June 2015 as COMAH Regulations, will apply to digestates. See HERE for further detail. 

Just before Christmas the HSE gave REA an update on the application of this Directive with regards to the AD industry. This was discussed at EU level at the Seveso Expert Group in October 2014.  The outcome of those discussions was that the AD industry was likely to be affected by the Seveso Directive (implemented by the COMAH 2015 Regs in GB). 

The HSE confirmed that Seveso is about controlling hazards that have major accident potential, and any substance that falls under the categories and thresholds in Annex 1 bring the site into scope of the arrangements under Seveso. The HSE's understanding is that whilst digestate does not have to be classified under REACH or CLP, it still does have to be given a classification for the purposes of determining whether Seveso applies.  

The work to determine the classification of the digestate has not yet been completed. However, as mentioned in our previous communication, EBA is working with their Scientific Advisory Council on collating any existing measured data that could assist in verifying whether digestate is an aquatic pollutant or not. We are currently awaiting EBA's update on  this investigation. 

Meanwhile, REA’s Health and Safety Officer Gordon Thompson has started to work on producing industry guidance that will assist the sector implementing the requirements of Seveso, should these apply from June 2015. 

For further information, please contact Kiara ( or Gordon ( 

Update: 09/01/2015
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