December meetings about the EU Fertilisers Regulation

On 15 and 16 December the European Comission's Directorate-General for Enterprise (DG ENTR) held meetings with stakeholders about proposals for revision of the EU Fertilisers Regulation.  Click HERE for the draft agenda.

Participants included the European Compost Network (ECN), who afterwards circulated the following documents which were discussed at the meetings: 

  1. Slides about scope for revised EU Fertilisers Regulation - click HERE
  2. Note to the Members of the Working Group on Animal By-Products and the Members of the Fertiliser Working Group - click HERE
  3. Slides about relation with waste ABP national measures - click HERE

REA will review these documents in January and consider next actions.  ECN also sent REA their informal notes of the meetings and there are several issues on which they plan to send DG ENTR a formal response early in 2015.  REA is a member of ECN so will communicate with them about the issues, in January. 

REA also received the following DG ENTR communication via the ECN: 

'Dear Members of the Fertilisers Working Group, 

As many of you have already noticed, the Commission's work programme for 2015 published yesterday does not mention the revision of the Fertilisers Regulation, on which we have jointly been reflecting for a number of years. In line with the principle of political discontinuity, the new Commission does not automatically prioritise finalising all initiatives started under the previous Commission. 

However, one of the new initiatives announced by the new Commission for 2015 is an Internal Market Strategy for goods and services. This strategy will be developed during the next few months, and a Fertiliser Regulation revision might be envisaged as part of it.

Kind regards from the fertilisers team in Unit F2, DG ENTR, European Commission'

It seems that the new Commissioners will decide during the first or second quarter of 2015 whether they want the existing EU Fertilisers Regulation (which doesn't include End of Waste criteria for composts and digestates derived from biodegradable wastes) to be revised. 

Article published: 18/12/2014
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