Environment Agency Consultation on Standard Rules No 12

The EA have released a consultation on their Standard Rules No 12. This details the proposed new standard rules and revisions to existing standard rules with associated risk assessments for a range of waste related activities and associated conditions.

They are asking for your views on their proposal for new and revised rule sets and risk assessments as summarised below:

  1. A number of amendments to the rule set and risk assessment for asbestos waste transfer operations.
  2. The introduction of a new Fire Prevention Plan requirement for those permitted sites allowed to store combustible waste material. This affects 21 existing rule sets and 21 new rule sets covering the equivalent activities. There are additional amendments covering the storage time for combustible waste and one rule set change covering maximum storage limits.
  3. The expansion of household waste packaging codes for four rule sets covering civic amenity sites and metal recycling facilities.
  4. The requirements derived from the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) which requires them to amend certain conditions in a range of existing rule sets. These amendments will allow existing permit holders to continue to operate under their permits without the need to apply for a new bespoke permit. This consultation highlights 12 rule sets to be amended.
  5. A number of minor amendments to the rules and definitions (including some IED requirements) affecting six rules sets covering Metal Recycling, Vehicle Storage, Depollution, Dismantling and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment waste related activities.  Also, a new standard rule set allowing metal recycling and WEEE treatment activities to take place at the same site.
The full consultation can be viewed HERE

The consultation is now closed. Please see the ORG response HERE.

Updated: 06/03/15
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