ORG's visual assessment guidance for light plastics (e.g. plastic bags)

In light of feedback provided by its members, the Organics Recycling Group of REA has released its VISUAL ASSESSMENT GUIDANCE FOR LIGHT PLASTICS

The guidance will help composting site operatives to carry out visual assessments of loads of input materials delivered to the site and identify whether a load requires rejection or cleaning up before is shredded and composted, particularly with reference to light plastics (e.g. plastic bags). 

The maximum limit levels in the guidance are consistent with those outlined in the 'ORG's position statement on maximum contaminant levels in biowastes specifications for composting'.

Over the next months the ORG will continue to work to identify the most practical and cost effective ways to monitor and meausre other types of physical contaminants in wastes delivered to composting and AD sites. 

The ORG would like to thank Gurbaksh Badhan from Buckinghamshire County Council, whose feedback was extremely important to understand NAWDO and local government’s views on this subject.  We would also like to thank our members MEC Recycling, Viridor, SITA and Envar for the constructive feedback provided, which informed the contents of this guidance. Many thanks also to MEC Recycling for having kindly provided the pictures included in this guidance document.

Last update: 01/11/2014

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