Last PAS 110 Steering Group meeting: agreement achieved on critical issues
Following a public consultation on a draft PAS 110, the final meeting of the BSI PAS 110 Steering Group meeting took place on 5th February. The aim of the meeting was to achieve a consensus on outstanding issues regarding changes to be made to the specification.

Amongst other changes, the following was agreed at the meeting:

• PTE limit levels will be expressed on a fresh matter basis. The method to derive the limit levels will peg PTE limit levels to the total Nitrogen content in digestates. This approach will ensure that digestates cannot be applied at rates that would cause PTE loadings to exceed those permitted for PAS 100 composts.

• Physical contaminants limit levels will also be expressed on a fresh matter basis. The method used to derive the limits, which was put forward by our member Biogen, will also peg the limit levels to the digestates total Nitrogen content. This approach will ensure that the same maximum physical contaminants loading rate is allowed for all digestates, whatever is their content of dry matter or total nitrogen.

• With regard to digestate stability, an absolute threshold of 0.45 l biogas / g VS will be specified in the new PAS 110. The rolling average approach was discarded as, for it to be a robust approach, it would require a significant number of samples to be tested every year, which would result in an increased compliance cost.
The intended publication date is late March, early April – subject to BSI’s internal publication process.

A lot more was discussed and agreed at the meeting. If you wish to find out more, please contact Kiara (, 07717 294793). 
Last update: 11/02/2014
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