Notification to AH required for Salmonella failures from all ABP-based compost and digestate samples
This communication is only relevant to Salmonella failures from samples of animal by-products based composts and digestates.

The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations and The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (Scotland) came into force in December 2013. Equivalent legislation will come into force in Wales in early 2014.

Regulation 9 in the Regulations for England (or 10 in the Regulations for Scotland), requires that operators must report the results of any tests carried out which fail to meet the standards set out in EU animal by-products legislation.

Any such failures (Salmonella, E.Coli or Enterococcaceae)  must be immediately notified by both the operator and the laboratory, to the AHVLA who will be able to advise on what actions to take.

Please note that this requirement applies to samples that are taken to verify on-going compliance with animal by-product regulations as well as any samples that are taken to validate the process against PAS 100/PAS 110 minimum quality criteria or verify on-going compliance with PAS 100 /PAS 110. The operator must stop immediately movements of non-conforming compost / digestate off site and any compost and digestate subsequently produced, until the VO is satisfied that the problem leading to the failure has been addressed, and any required extra required testing has proved negative.

Any compost / digestate still on site from before the last clear test can be licensed off. However compost / digestate which has been in storage between the last clear test ad the fail test can be licensed off subject to a negative test. As soon as the problem has been identified and remedial measures put in place, then subsequent batches can also be licensed off subject to a clear test.

This requirement does not apply to tests taken by the operator for purely investigative or research purposes.
Operator’s notification regarding Salmonella failures:

In the event of Salmonella positive results the operator should:

• Notify immediately Regional Veterinary Lead at the AHVLA Office responsible for supervising the plant.
• Stop movements of non-conforming compost /digestate off the site and any compost/digestate subsequently produced,
• Stop movements of any compost / digestate produced from the last clear Salmonella result (if still stored on site), unless this material is tested and Salmonella result is negative.
• Follow the procedures in the relevant HACCP plan and begin an investigation,
• Notify the local VO of how the operator intends to deal with the failed batch/material.

The VO will serve a notice specifying permissible disposal options (category 3 ABP derived material shall be reprocessed or sent for rendering or incineration; catering wastes derived material may go to landfill. Exceptionally another destination may be requested by the operator, but must be agreed in writing by the EA/SEPA/NRW before the movement licence is issued).

If the operator wishes to send off site non-conforming material for treatment or disposal or any material subsequently produced, the destination will be specified in the restriction notice.

If the material is to be re-treated then following treatment it will be sampled in the normal way.  This may involve positive release for the first four batches.  Permission to remove such material will be provided by AHVLA in writing (email or letter).

When the investigation has reached a conclusion and all the extra testing has proved negative (including samples which AHVLA take) and the VO is satisfied that the problem leading to the failure has been addressed and remedial measures put in place, then the VO will lift the restrictions.
Laboratory’s notification:

Laboratories will be informed  separately of their reporting requirements.


Last update: 28/01/2014

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