WRAP consultation paper 'Options for change: an opportunity to inform the review of PAS 110'
During the first Steering Group (SG) meeting, options for changing a number of areas of PAS110:2010 were discussed. In some cases the SG was able to reach consensus on these options. In other cases the SG did not reach consensus, and a number of options remain on the table.
To stimulate progress with the PAS review, WRAP has extracted these options from the minutes of the Steering Group meeting, and transformed them into a consultation paper. Where further options have subsequently come to WRAP’s attention (for example, through the recent workshop with farm assurance bodies) these have also been included, but in a separate section that identifies them as having arisen outside the Steering Group process.
The purpose of this exercise is to consult widely on possible changes now, rather than attempt to include multiple options in a draft PAS which is then subjected to the formal BSI consultation process.
You can either respond directly to WRAP, or respond via REA. We strongly encourage you to copy your answer to REA anyway, so that we can take account of it when drafting our formal response to this paper.
Please note that REA and ADBA are collaborating to obtain industry’s feedback on the aspects of PAS 110 that are being reviewed. REA is collating most up to date test results on digestates, while ADBA will be obtaining feedback on other aspects such as issues associated with pasteurisation of non-ABP materials. This minimises duplication of effort and ensures that feedback can be coordinated efficiently.
Please download below the consultation paper and the form that you can use to provide feedback.


To submit your feedback directly to WRAP, please send all completed ‘Options paper feedback forms’ and any other documentation to by 14th October 2013.
To submit your feedback to REA, please send it to Kiara Zennaro (, 07717 294793) by 7th October 2013.


Last update: 23/08/2013

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