Updated national waste planning policy: Planning for sustainable waste management - Consultation

The Government’s ambitions for the delivery of adequate provision of waste management infrastructure in the UK assumes a certain level of deployment by technology within a pre-determined timeline. Achieving this ambition is down to a number of factors one essential part being planning consent. 

Planning is pivotal to adequate and timely provision of new waste facilities at the same time as ensuring that the waste hierarchy principles are followed (prevention, re-use, recycle and disposal). 

This consultation will provide the opportunity for a range of stakeholders to pass comment but will be of particular interest to local authorities, local communities developers and members of the public.


Current policy

Current National Waste Policy is covered in Planning Policy Statement 10 (PPS10), Planning for Sustainable Waste Management written in 2005 and revised in 2011.

The Secretary of State must determine if a plan, programme or modification of a plan or programme (such as PPS 10) which is within the scope of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive/2004 Regulations is likely to have significant environmental effects. In this case, he has determined that the proposal is unlikely to have significant environmental effects and, accordingly, does not require a strategic environmental assessment.


Green belt development

For biowaste facilities in particular, the proposal for green belt development is likely to mean that most new development is inappropriate and should not be permitted (this is a tightening of previous policy) and one supported through the coalition agreement. 

The updated policy removes the former reference to allowing waste planning authorities to give greater weight towards locational needs in preference to other considerations, this is no longer the case. 

Considerations will include as previously the proximity of sensitive receptors and the extent to which odours can be controlled through mitigation measures.


The REA ORG will be responding to this consultation and all comments should be sent to by the 16th September 2013 (the consultation deadline is 23rd September),  please click HERE to access the consultation document

REA's response can be found HERE
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