EA seeks industry's views on the draft sector guidance on anaerobic digestion

The EA is to publish interim industry guidance notes for AD, composting and MBT processes. These will be considered as BATs and reviewed annually and after publication of European BREFs/BATs.
Any new installation which starts operation will need to comply with IED and the applications will be assessed against the current Best Available Techniques (BAT).
All existing installations which already fell under the regime of the IPPC will be the subject of IED from 7 January 2014. A number of activities are newly brought into installation permitting. For all existing waste operations that will be newly subject to IED this permitting will need to be done by 7 July 2015.
The EA’s sector guidance notes consist of indicative environmental standards of operation and performance. They go into great detail to about how the site should be run to the specified standards and it’s worth emphasising that it is quite prescriptive in places. On top of that, it’ very important to note that the sector guidance notes will also apply to all non-IED biowaste treatment operations as they are considered to describe the indicative ‘appropriate measures’ required by environmental permits.

The draft AD guidance is out for consultation now and deadline for providing comments is 16th September 2013.

Please download the draft document here: DRAFT AD GUIDANCE 
This consultation is now closed.
REA's response can be downloaded HERE.
Last update: 16/09/2013
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