EU EoW: background paper for discussion at February workshop
JRC-ITPS's technical study on establishing end of waste criteria for biological treatment of biodegradable wastes is nearing completion.  This study includes recommended criteria which the European Commission will consider if and when it drafts a Commission Decision on this topic, later in the year 2013. 
The most recent version of the technical study (3rd working draft) included a number of controversial issues and details over which there was substantial difference of opinion amongst members of the Technical Working Group and other stakeholders who have contributed via consultation.  (Please see our website's earlier articles about previous stages in this development process.)
The most recent communication from JRC-ITPS, on 11th February 2013, provided a background paper (click HERE to download it) for reading before the third workshop which covers key items for discussion.
"Dear participants to the Third Workshop,  Dear members of the Technical Working Group,

Herewith we are pleased to update you on the process of developing End-of-waste criteria for biodegradable waste subject to biological treatment (compost/digestate).

First of all, we would like to thank all stakeholders for their valuable input we received last January.  Based on your input and additional information sources, we have established a Background Paper that should support the discussions at the upcoming Third Workshop (26 February 2013, Seville).

Please note that the registrations for the Third Workshop are closed. Given the constraints on the capacity of the meeting room and the very large number of TWG experts that support our work, we regret that we were not able to invite all TWG members to the Workshop.

We do not expect any written input to this Background Paper at this stage. For transparency reasons, this document is sent to the entire TWG. However, we intend to send out a document for consultation to the whole TWG after the Third Workshop."
~ Opportunity for action ~
This paper requests that if Technical Working Group members "wish to request any other items for discussion at the meeting or to propose additional agenda items for the meeting", they send their requests by Monday 18 February.  JRC-ITPS also highlights that "the possibility of including additional items in the meeting agenda is extremely limited due to time restrictions".
Please contact Emily Nichols (tel 07771 556231, if you would like to discuss EoW issues.  In particular, contact her as soon as possible about any specific item that is not covered in the background paper that you believe should be an additional agenda item at the workshop. 

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