The need for waste management a salutary lesson.
Planning for waste management was neglected on this project leading to an explosion and injuries to workers.  Employers should remember that they are responsible for the safety and actions of their employees.
Two men sustained serious burns after attempting to use an old air shelter as a makeshift furnace to burn garden waste, a court has heard.  They accumulated sufficient waste to fill approximately five skips. However, no such method of disposal was available to them and they had not been given any clear instruction on how to safely dispose of the waste.
They decided to use an air raid shelter in the garden as a furnace to burn some of it away. The shelter, part-buried and also overgrown, was in the area of ground to be cleared and was to be demolished anyway.  One of the workers entered the shelter via a chimney at the top, placed some kindling inside to get the fire started and poured on petrol to act as an accelerant. He then left the shelter and his colleague threw a lit taper into the shelter to get the fire going.
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Aug 8
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