Agrivert achieves PAS 110 

Agrivert is delighted to have achieved PAS 110 certification at its Oxfordshire AD plant.  Agrivert produces a whole digestate from their plant and have established strong markets for the product in Oxfordshire.  The high quality digestate produced, encouraged by PAS 110, can be credited with the ease with which the market has established. 
Alexander Maddan, Agrivert’s Chief Executive, commented "The agricultural community are not only interested in the NPK value of digestate but they are also interested in the cleanliness of digestate and its low odour level.  Our product consistently tests at less than one tenth of the Volatile Fatty Acid (VFA) threshold and fifty percent of the residual biogas potential (RBP) threshold required under PAS 110.  These excellent results further underpin stakeholder confidence.”

Like many AD plants in the UK, Agrivert originally commissioned their plant with silage as a supplementary feedstock.  It quickly emerged silage needed to be pasteurised if PAS 110 certification was going to be achieved (Agrivert’s plant was not designed to pasteurise silage).  Consequently, Agrivert had to remove silage from its feedstock to acquire PAS 110. WRAP's review scheduled for the autumn should examine whether PAS 110's requirement to pasteurise silage still has merit.

Alexander Maddan explained that: "Agrivert has been passing the quality tests for PAS 110 since the plant opened. However, we have been waiting to see how the UK was going to treat the question of silage silage pasteurisation before modifying our process.  Agrivert is a great supporter of PAS standards. We now work with 17 local authorities, many of whom attach great value to PAS certification. Securing PAS 110 is not only important for our clients but also for our agricultural stakeholders."

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Aug 8
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