WRAP free consultancy support for AD operators now available
WRAP are continuing to offer 3 days free consultancy support to help AD operators to  achieve certification under the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme.

These 3 days involve the following:
  • a site visit;
  • discussing with the operator’s responsible person the requirements of PAS 110, the AD QP if applicable, the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme, and the ASRS if applicable, and making him/her aware of the BCS ‘Application Pack’ document templates and records;
  • identifying the likely timescale for the AD operator to achieve certification of digestate output(s) and any issues not apparent to the AD operator, and investigating in depth any specific issues raised by the AD operator;  
  • advising the AD operator on the most appropriate digestate sampling procedures, the most appropriate time for taking the samples and the laboratories they are allowed to send digestate samples to for testing;
  • advising on appropriate actions to take in the event of digestate test result failure(s);
  • summarising to the AD operator any issues/barriers identified during the site visit that need to be overcome in order to achieve certification; and
  • providing the AD operator with a list of actions that need to be completed by both, the consultant and the AD operator, following the visit and associated timescales.
The Biofertiliser Certification Scheme will once again administer the consultancy support.
The consultancy support is targeted at both, operating plants and those at an early stage of development. In this way plants at an early stage will have the option to amend design features that would otherwise not be compliant with PAS110 and ADQP/ASRS.

AfOR and Aquaenviro are the two organisations appointed by WRAP to provide this support. 

Please visit the BCS’ web site ( to check:

• the criteria for receiving WAP’s free consultancy support; and
• how to apply for the support.

If you wish to apply for the support, please contact Ciaran Burns, BSC Renewable Scheme Manager, at
Last update: 07/06/2012
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