Update, May 2012: study on EoW criteria for biodegradable waste

On 14th May, the European Commission Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS) provided members of the Technical Working Group with a further update on the progress of their study on end-of-waste criteria for biodegradable waste subject to biological treatment.  AfOR is a member of the TWG and quotes JRC-ITPS's most recent communication below.

"We have collected all the feedback from the stakeholders and have received a large amount of analytical data from the sampling and analysis campaign, originating from the in-house measurements at JRC-IES and the analyses performed by external partners.

"While awaiting the final analytical data, we are studying the already available data in combination with your feedback, in order to help establish our updated proposal for end-of-waste criteria, taking into account the end-of-waste conditions set in the Waste Framework Directive, as well as the end-of-waste methodology developed by the JRC.

"Regarding the time-line, there is no further change foreseen at the moment. We still intent to provide you with an updated version of the working document before the summer break of 2012. Depending on the final need for information, we might then decide on further actions, which could consist of e.g. a written consultation on a very restricted number of open items or just the possibility to provide editorial comments.

"In any case, we will communicate the further progress by 25th June at the latest. Please refrain from contacting us beforehand with requests for intermediate updates on the working document or analytical results. For reasons of transparency, we will distribute all new information to the whole Technical Working Group at once and hence we will not be able to provide any preliminary new information to a restricted audience."
Published on AfOR website: 14th May 2012.
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