Input materials collected through some biowaste collection schemes contain unacceptable levels of physical contaminants, which can be particularly challenging when householders are allowed to include paper and cardboard in the organics collection bins and this has not been restricted to plain types of paper and cardboard and/or those that are certified ‘compostable' / ‘home compostable'.
This GUIDANCE DOCUMENT aims to make clear to the certification bodies auditing composting sites for compliance with PAS 100:
  • what types of material are physical contaminants,
  • aspects of the composter's Quality Management System and compost quality that should be carefully checked at the PAS 100 inspections, and
  • steps that the composter are expected to take with input material suppliers to reduce the amount of physical contaminants when they exceed agreed amounts set in the composter's appropriate Quality Management System document(s), including supply contracts where appropriate.
Non-conformities of the types listed in the guidance may result into PAS 100 certificate suspension.
Last update: 09/02/2012.
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