How do I know if an item (e.g. a caddy liner) is 'home compostable' or not?
Firstly, 'home compostable' means that it can be composted in your home composting bin.
A packaging item (for example a food tray) or a non-packaging item (for example a kitchen caddy liner or a collection sack) is 'home compostable' ONLY if it displays at least one of the logos shown below. A certification digit code must also be displayed in close proximity to the logo.
Any item that does not display at least one of those logos plus digit code(s) should not be disposed of in your home composting bin, as there is no certaincy that it will compost in the home composting bin environment.
If you wish to check what packaging or other items (e.g. caddy liners) can be disposed of in the Council's organic waste bin, please read HERE.
Digit code displayed in close proximity to the logo: Sxx
Example: S092
Digit code displayed in close proximity to the logo: Sxx
Example: S044
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