AfOR ‘call to action' on the quality of biowaste collections
The Waste Review launched this week highlighted that the Government will be working with local councils to increase the frequency and quality of rubbish collections and make it easier to recycle. AfOR are pleased that the Government has mentioned quality as well as quantity.
Sharing the views expressed by Coca Cola Enterprises this week (see, AfOR highlights the importance of high quality biowastes delivered to composting and anaerobic digestion sites. The quality of source segregated biowaste delivered to composting and anaerobic digestion sites is imperative to secure the production of high quality composts, compliant with PAS 100 Specification, and high quality digestates, compliant with PAS 110 specification.
The presence of physical contaminants such as plastics, metal, glass, sharps and other non-compostable items in biowaste collected and delivered to composting and anaerobic digestion sites can significantly undermine the quality of composts and digestates and their acceptability in the market place.
In light of the feedback received by AfOR’s members, AfOR has published today two position statements which urge councils to take actions to improve the quality of feedstocks delivered to composting and AD sites.


This paper  is a call for LAs to find ways and take actions to reduce the levels of contaminants in biowastes and can be downloaded from HERE.
Last update: 16/06/2011
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