Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) for Composters


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) for Composters

ISBN 0-9532546-6-6 Published July 2003

This publication aims to help composters to implement HACCP into the management of
the composting process. The HACCP approach has been recognised by DEFRA and the
State Veterinary Service as an effective management system to reduce the risks associated
with composting animal by-products and catering wastes. HACCP is an approach that has
been utilised by the water and food industries for many years. It is a structured, objective
approach to examining the hazards and evaluating the production process step by step,
enabling producers to identify which steps can be controlled to reduce the risk of one or
more hazards to acceptable levels. As HACCP is a documented procedure, it has proved to
be an effective due diligence defence in legal proceedings.

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